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usincometaxes returns tax results as a data frame, with each column representing tax information such as federal and state income taxes owed or other line items. Each row corresponds to a row in the input data frame. Users can specify the amount of output with the return_all_information parameter in taxsim_calculate_taxes(). Setting return_all_information to TRUE returns a data frame with 42 columns of detailed tax information. FALSE returns 9 columns of key information. FALSE leads to quicker calculations and downloads from the NBER’s servers.

usincometaxes provides the same output as TAXSIM 35. Setting return_all_information to FALSE equates to setting idtl to 0 in TAXSIM, while TRUE corresponds to 2.

Standard columns

Returned columns when return_all_information = FALSE.

  • taxsimid: ID number from the input data set, so users can match the tax information with the input data set.
  • fiitax: Federal income tax liability including capital gains rates, surtaxes, AMT and refundable and non-refundable credits.
  • siitax: State income tax liability.
  • fica: Total FICA taxes, including the employers and employees share.
  • frate: Marginal federal tax rate.
  • srate: Marginal state tax rate, if a state was identified.
  • ficar: FICA rate.
  • tfica: Taxpayer liability for FICA.

Marginal rates are with respect to wage income unless another rate is requested. If detailed intermediate results are requested, the following 35 columns of data are added:.

Detailed columns

Returned columns when return_all_information = TRUE.

All standard columns shown above, plus:

  • credits: Total refundable and non-refundable federal credits
  • v10_federal_agi: Federal AGI
  • v11_ui_agi: UI in AGI
  • v12_soc_sec_agi: Social Security in AGI
  • v13_zero_bracket_amount: Zero Bracket Amount
  • v14_personal_exemptions: Personal Exemptions
  • v15_exemption_phaseout: Exemption Phaseout
  • v16_deduction_phaseout: Deduction Phaseout
  • v17_itemized_deductions: Itemized Deductions Allowed (Zero for non-itemizers)
  • v18_federal_taxable_income: Federal Taxable Income
  • v19_tax_on_taxable_income: Tax on Taxable Income (no special capital gains rates)
  • v20_exemption_surtax: Exemption Surtax
  • v21_general_tax_credit: General Tax Credit
  • v22_child_tax_credit_adjusted: Child Tax Credit (as adjusted)
  • v23_child_tax_credit_refundable: Additional Child Tax Credit (refundable)
  • v24_child_care_credit: Child Care Credit
  • v25_eitc: Earned Income Credit (total federal)
  • v26_amt_income: Income for the Alternative Minimum Tax
  • v27_amt_liability: AMT Liability after credit for regular tax and other allowed credits.
  • v28_fed_income_tax_before_credit:Federal Income Tax Before Credits (includes special treatment of Capital gains, exemption surtax (1988-1996) and 15% rate phaseout (1988-1990) but not AMT)
  • v29_fica: FICA

The following columns are zero if no state is specified:

  • v30_state_household_income: State Household Income (imputation for property tax credit)
  • v31_state_rent_expense: State Rent Expense (imputation for property tax credit)
  • v32_state_agi: State AGI
  • v33_state_exemption_amount: State Exemption amount
  • v34_state_std_deduction_amount: State Standard Deduction
  • v35_state_itemized_deduction: State Itemized Deductions
  • v36_state_taxable_income: State Taxable Income
  • v37_state_property_tax_credit: State Property Tax Credit
  • v38_state_child_care_credit: State Child Care Credit
  • v39_state_eitc: State EIC
  • v40_state_total_credits: State Total Credits
  • v41_state_bracket_rate: State Bracket Rate
  • staxbc: State tax liability before credits

Additional federal results:

  • v42_self_emp_income: Earned Self-Employment Income for FICA
  • v43_medicare_tax_unearned_income: Medicare Tax on Unearned Income
  • v44_medicare_tax_earned_income: Medicare Tax on Earned Income
  • v45_cares_recovery_rebate: CARES act Recovery Rebates