bayesian analysis

Using the Veil of Darkness Test to Evaulate Discrimination in Traffic Stops

The veil of darkness test attempts to uncover racial differences in traffic stop rates. The test, like all tests, has its own weaknesses and should only be seen as additional evidence.

A First Attempt at Bayesian Mediation Analysis

What is mediation analysis? Untangling the Gordian Effects Knot Direct effect the old fashioned way Total effect the old fashioned way Indirect effect (kind-of) the old fashioned way Step 1: Fitting regression models Step 2: Create potential outcome predictions Compare results to mediation package What is mediation analysis?

Which law schools best prepare students for the bar exam?

Evaluating the effectiveness of law schools is challenging for two reasons. The first hurdle lies in defining effectiveness. What does it mean for one law school to provide a better legal education than other schools?

Bayesian Bar Passage: A Tutorial on Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling in R

This post presents a gentle tutorial on Bayesian hierarchical modeling. After completing the tutorial you will be able create a bare-bones Bayesian hierarchical model in R, intuitively understand how it works, examine its posterior distribution, and make predictions with the model.